The 2020 had the entire world dreaming of their wanderlust days amid stir crazy lockdowns.

All our minds went drifting beyond the welcome sign to our own hometown.

New trending travel opportunities are popping up left and right. Still, we don’t have to wait for all this to pass before planning the trip of a lifetime.

Here are three things you can do on a Hawaii Island Hopper Vacation from Prinvy Foundation – and if you enter for your chance to win this trip, you could be packing your suitcase while the rest of the world comes up for air after the lock-downs lift.

1. Watch A Traditional Hawaiian Cliff Diver Swan Dive Into The Ocean

Black Rock At Sunrise
Traditional Hawaiian cliff diver on the famous Black Rock on Maui

Tourists and locals alike flock to the Black Rock and dive one after the other into the sea below during the day. But the real sight to behold is the traditional cliff diver at sunset. 

One by one, he lights the torches that lead the way to the top as the sun dips closer to the ocean. Finally, with a blow into a conch shell, he honors the day, tosses his lei to the depths below, then dives headfirst as the final slivers of light dip out of sight on the horizon.

2. Swim In The Seven Sacred Pools

The Seven Sacred Pools
Beautiful cascading waterfalls on the island of Maui.

The road to Hana is no joke. The local ABC stores are filled with memorabilia that say ‘I survived’ for a reason… but it’s worth every hairpin turn along the two-lane highway.  The Pools of ‘Ohe’o are filled with beautiful waterfalls in one of the most stunning settings in Maui. 

A rainforest stream creates the seven sacred pools. This stream cuts into cascading waterfalls and plunge pools until it finally reaches the Hawaiian coast to join the ocean.

Later in the day, you will find many swimming and jumping from the lush cliffs into the famous and most accessible pools below.

3. Visit The Bamboo Forest

A path winds through a bamboo forest in Haleakala Maui, Hawaii.

It’s a mile hike in but well worth the time away from the beach. You won’t just feel your size as gigantic stalks of bamboo tower above your head while you meander along the curving path… you’ll also enjoy breathtaking views and a 200 ft. waterfall.

The shade and lush vegetation are a stark contrast to the ocean’s open sand and sunny beaches. Experience a connection with one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

The mind only limits the adventures in Hawaii. You can create your own trending travel experiences right on the shores of Maui and Oahu… Then to top it all off, climb into a helicopter for a perfect aerial view for a TikTok video. All your followers won’t get enough of it.

You could be one entry away from your dream vacation. Click here to enter for your chance to win a 7-Day All Expenses Paid Hawaii Island Hopper Vacation with $4,000 Spending Cash.


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